Tikal Map
Temple I
Temple I seen from the east plaza.
Temple I
Again temple I, but this time I am standing at the basement of the temple.
View from Temple IV
View from the top of Temple IV. In the background are the temples I and II (left) and temple V (right)
Great view over the almost never ending jungle.
Stairs to Temple IV
Temple IV is significantly higher located than the other temples.
Ghost in a Temple
Sometimes you encounter ghosts in these ancient ruins.
Meditation exercices.
Stone Weel
Stone weel near the Temple of the Inscriptions.
Mayan Priest
Mayan priest in front of temple entrance.
Dr. Feelgood
Ultimate cover for the next Dr. Feelgood album.
Mayan Priest in trance near Plaza of the Seven Temples.
Temple of the Inscriptions
Temple entrance hidden between jungle trees and overgrown stairs. A bit of blue sky in the background.
Temple Entrance
Mayan Priest executing the annual sacrifice ceremony.
Your guess
Yet another temple between jungle trees and blue sky.
El Mundo Perdido
A local guide illustrates the panoramic view from the top of El Mundo Perdido. In the background is temple V and a hugh tree (yes, other temples are hidden in the jungle and the sky is blue).
El Mundo Perdido
Perpendicular view from the top of El Mundo Perdido.
El Mundo Perdido
Finally at the top of El Mundo Perdido after a long way round to get there. (Plus temple in the background and so on...)
North Acropolis
North Acropolis seen from the top of Temple II.
Temple I
Temple I seen from the top of Temple II. Would you like to try the stepping stone in the front?
Temple II
Main plaza with Temple II in the background.
Stone Mask
This stone mask can be found under the North Acropolis.
Goodbye Tikal!
How many howler monkeys can you hear?
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